About Us – B&G Organics

About Us: The Story of B&G Organics

B&G Organics was started by Frank Baldwin and Sandy Baldwin to make a difference in the world of personal care products including human, pet products. We are a customer focused business and will interact with our customers to develop and manufacture products they love and want. We also will use our customers to test and improve on the products as they evolve from conception to market. We always test our products, including the pet products on ourselves before we test on our friends, family, neighbors, and current clients. This allows us to make needed improvements to want our customers want. We take a long time to come to market sometimes, other times we nail the product on the first go around. That is truly an interactive product development approach.

Frank and Chuck Friedman worked together at Burt’s Bees from the start of their cosmetics production until Frank left the company and Chuck was paid out for his unique contributions to the company. Chuck and Frank soon met after his departure from BBI and together with Sandy started developing and manufacturing all natural products for personal use by our customers and by our customers pets.

We decided to start our company, B&G Organics in order to provide the best products available on the market with the finest natural and organic raw materials we could find. Sandy and I knew if we could conceive a product Chuck would always deliver on the formula for a truly great product. We wanted to incorporate our love of pets into products that were unique, all natural and provided several benefits to our customer’s pets in a cost effective manner. We have conducted several “dog washes” at no charge to our customers and they love the products.

We continue to grow and evolve as a company developing new products, many from customer requests and feedback while at shows. We want to keep a personal touch with our customers and use their feedback to grow as a company, adding products that customers are looking for that help them and their families. We do not require minimum orders from our retail partners as we want to help them be successful and work with their staffs to educate our customers about why are products are better than our competitors. We do education seminars as we work to be transparent with our customers on what raw materials we put into every product. We write a “sell sheet” on every product we manufacture so that our customers understand what we put into our products and what attributes each raw material provides to them. We are a customer focused business and want our customers to be educated on what they are putting on their bodies and on their pet’s.

We also strive to contribute to our local community contributing to many local charities and using as many local suppliers as possible. We try to balance costs with raw material attributes and availability. This is definitely a balancing act. As we grow we will continue to contribute time and money to causes that benefit our community, state, and world. As a private company we are committed to making a difference in this world.

We cannot say enough about Chuck Friedman, he is our chemist, friend, and mentor. Chuck is the real deal, he lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle, growing many of his own vegetables, using products that he has developed over the years and he looks younger today then he did 20 years ago. A testament to his ability to formulate the best products in the world. Chuck has won many awards for the products he has developed over the years and today serves on the board of several prestigious personal care companies.

We also have the luck to have a local graphic artist Candy Hitchcock, to help us design our packaging artwork and help us secure natural inks and packaging that is recycled and plant based. Candy is very talented and we are very happy to have her as an integral part of our team.

We love to hear from our clients and be able to speak with them. Our customers will always be an important part of our team and we will continue to use their ideas and feedback to create products they want. We will balance cost with organic and natural raw materials to make all natural and organic products that our customers can afford. We will be the kind of company that stands for the type of organization that appreciates its customers, stakeholders, partners and community because we know company culture starts at the top. We do stand by our values and will never compromise because of what Wall Street demands. We will be true to our customers. That is who and what we are at B&G Organics.