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about us

B&G Organics is a small, privately owned company with vision and tremendous talent.

Frank Baldwin has worked in both the natural skin care and environmental industries for over 15 years.

Lisa Glass is a medical esthetician and licensed massage therapist. She has experience in both organic skin care products and the latest, technically-advanced skin care treatments.

Chuck Friedman is our developmental chemist and has over 40 years experience as a natural cosmetics and skin care chemist. He has earned Health Magazine’s Healthiest Beauty Products Award for both conceiving and formulating a revolutionary cleansing cream.

Chuck and Frank worked together for several years at a very well-known natural skin care company and have collaborated in launching many successful products.

Jake Pacheco is our art director who brings 15 years of graphic design experience to the team. He possesses an innovative artist’s eye to our company’s vision of harmonic, natural products and ecologically sound production techniques.

Together, despite disparate backgrounds and skills, we find inspiration and synergy in laboring toward our common goal of providing all-natural, organic skin care products to the public.